Heritage tax services will be open for appointments starting January 15th.

The IRS expects to open the filing season February 12th​

Heritage Tax Services recommends scheduling your appointment as soon as you have all your tax documents to ensure prompt e-filing once the IRS opens for the season.

Tax preparation is a service business and Heritage Tax Services strives to deliver exceptional service to its clients

One size pricing does not fit all because everyone's tax situation is different and there are varying levels of complexity.

Following is an approximate guide to what to expect for fees for the most commonly used forms.

Form 1040

Starts at $125​

Form 1040

Schedule A


Form 1040

Schedule B


Form 1040

Schedule C

Starts at $100​

Form 1040

Schedule D

Starts at $50

Form 1040

Schedule E

Starts at $150​

Form 1040



New Hampshire Interest and Dividend



No Charge

Pay by Refund